We have honoured the sons of Adam

We have honoured the sons of Adam

Saturday 05 January 2019

We have honoured the sons of Adam

London, United Kingdom

We are delighted to invite you to a special seminar in London to Reignite Your Intellect

The seminar will be reflections on the following verse:

ولقد كرمنا بني آدم

We have certainly honoured the sons of Adam (17:70)

In this seminar we will explore:

  • how did Allah honour us as humans?
  • how does this shape our purpose of existence? 
  • how do we preserve this honour & meet its challenges? 

Venue: The Granville (Garden Room), 140 Carlton Vale, NW6 5HE

When: Sat 5 Jan 2019, 5pm-8pm

Cost: there is a £5 non-refundable nominal fee for booking.
Children & those under 18 attend for free. 

Limited places, first come first serve. Booking will be closed once maximum is reached. 

For any questions please contact us on Info@tadabbur.co.uk.