Spiritual Fridays in Ramadan

Spiritual Fridays in Ramadan

Friday 08 June 2018

Spiritual Fridays in Ramadan

Leeds, United Kingdom

Venue or Event Address

Bangladeshi Community Centre, Roundhay Road, Leeds LS8 5AN

During this blessed month of Ramadan join our popular Spiritual Friday Evening in Ramadan Programme,
for a unique night packed with a special spiritual dose.  

تذكرة ، تلاوة قرآن ، أذكار ، أدعية وإبتهالات ، صلاة 

Every Friday Evening in Ramadan we will hold a unique spiritual night which includes recitation of the Quran, beautiful Ibtihaals (supplications), thikr (remembrance of Allah), tathkira (reminders), and Salah.

All in a beautiful brotherly atmosphere full of love and passion for Allah's pleasure and forgiveness

The programme will include:

1. Reflections on Surat Al- Mulk from 7:45-9pm

2. Recitations of the Quran

3. Thikr and Ibtihaals

4. Short spiritual reminders

5. Collective Iftaar.

5. Taraweeh Prayer. 

Please join us to make the best out of the blessed month of Ramadan.  

Open for All, Including Families.

Venue for 8/06/2018 -  Bangladeshi Community Centre, Roundhay Road, Leeds LS8 5AN

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