Sisters Weekend Tajweed - Starts Sunday 5th April

Sisters Weekend Tajweed Sunday 4.00pm-5.00pm

Cost - £15

Starts 5th April 2020


Sisters' weekend Tajweed And recite the Quran with a distinct measured reciting` (al-Muzammil : 4). This particular verse is a direct command to recite the Quran with it`s correct pronunciation and rules. The consensus of the Islamic scholars is that it is incumbent (wajib) to recite the Quran with correct intonation. Others have said it is obligatory (fard ). When our Master Ali (may Allah be pleased with him); was asked about the meaning of `al-Tajweed` he replied that it is perfecting the letters and knowing when to stop. This course will attempt to teach students the rules of correct pronunciation but in addition there will be time set aside to listen to each student individually aiming to practically apply the rules during acquisition. Emphasis will be given to the correct pronunciation of each individual letter, clearly demarcating between different categories of letters such as the elevated letters and lower letters. It is hoped that by completion of the course they will be able to read the Quran proficiently implementing all the rules of al-Tajweed. Use will also be made of the famous didactic poetry teaching the rules of al-Tajweed ; al-Jazariyyah. This will be supplemented by notes prepared by the teacher explaining the rules and exits of the letters.