Scents of Paradise: Travels Through ’Isra Wal Mi’raj told by Mehdad Maryam Sinclair

Scents of Paradise: Travels Through ’Isra Wal Mi’raj  told by Mehdad Maryam Sinclair

STORIES OF LIGHT- Scents of Paradise: travels through 'Isra wal Mi'raj

We are honoured and fortunate to have the renowned artist Mehded Maryam Sinclair visit Leicester, as part of her forth coming tour of the UK.

We all cherish and love the great events of Islam, like the stories of the Prophets (peace be upon them). Mehded Maryam Sinclair brings these stories to life in an incredibly entertaining and instructive way.

For those who have read her books or listened to her recordings this is a rare chance to benefit, through a live performance, from all the gifts of knowledge and  wonder she has to offer.

For those who have not, this event presents as an exceptional opportunity to discover the Baraka that flows through her words.

She is equally mesmerising for adults as well as children - a great family event!

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We are privileged to have Shaykh Kauther agree to provide an introductory talk. Shaykh Kauther is one of Leicester’s active and well known scholars. He is able to articulate his scholarly knowledge in talks which are filled with hope and enthusiasm. Along side his hard work for charity, he has led tours to Masjid Al Aqsa itself. This puts him in a prime position he to deliver a preliminary talk to  help focus our hearts and minds in a way to benefit from the story of  ’Isra wal Mi’raj.


The Programme


Doors Open


Opening: Quran Recitation

Introductory Bayan by Shaykh Kauther emphasizing the importance of Al Aqsa  & inspirations to be gained from ’Isra wal Mi’raj


Scents of Paradise: Travels Through ’Isra Wal Mi’raj  performed by Mehdad Maryam Sinclair


An opportunity to meet the speaker and to purchase her books & CDs.