Quran Youth Autumn Camp 2019

Discover your SELF-ie!!

This year, we’ll be talking all things social media at Quran Youth’s Autumn camp at Dearne Valley Campsite, Doncaster, DN12 4EA.

This year, our “Man in the Mirror” camp will be surrounding the theme of self-image. We’ll be answering and exploring some very important questions about this new age of social media, such as:

  • How should we see ourselves according to Islam?
  • What happens when we see ourselves as being too good?
  • What happens when we don’t think well enough of ourselves?
  • How can this generation of likes, filters and perfection be damaging?

Join us for a weekend full of educational workshops and thrilling activities such as abseiling, zip wires, archery, buggy building, high ropes, aeroballs, laser tag, campfires and much more!

Aside from teaching and having fun, we also take safety very seriously. All our youth leaders (volunteers and teachers) are DBS checked. All activities on the campsite will be supervised by trainedcampsite professionals.

Boys and girls will be lodged on separate floors of the lodges and will be supervised by Quran Youth leaders at all times.

At Quran Youth, we know you can’t have fun and enjoy yourself on an empty stomach! That’s why we’ll be providingthree healthy mealsa day for you!

Further details about what to bring and what the weekend will entail will be included in the Quran Youth Camp Welcome Pack (this will be emailed to you once you have completed your booking).

If you’re aged 13-17, why wait? Book your ticket now!

(Transport to and from the campsite will be arranged from Leeds)