Our Ummah - A Call to Action Charity Dinner

Our Ummah - A Call to Action Charity Dinner
Sh Abu Usama Ad-dhahbi, Jalal ibn Sa'eed, Mohammed Abdul Jabbar, Imam Qasim (CJM), Qari Adil Bengalha, Sajid Varda, Abdullah Rolle, UK Apache, Castillo, Ahmed Ikhlas and more tbc.

"Don't just take your family out for dinner, take them to dine in a garden of paradise." Ustadh Jalal ibn Sa'eed

Al Fitrah & Chaudhry's TKC presents an evening of unity for the oppressed and persecuted. One Ummah is our selected charity and delivery partner with a 100% donation policy. 

Inspirational Reminders and delightful nasheeds with a very well-known host and personality. If you were not able to make it you can still contribute. Click here www.alfitrah.com/rohingya 

Please click here to book your places right now. - support the cause.www.alfitrah.com/rohingya-refugees