Monthly Quran Seminars (Quran Study Group)

Please note that all bookings for the current series of Seminars ending in May 2018 are now CLOSED.  We are not taking any more bookings.

However you can email us at to show interest in our Monthly Quran Seminars starting July 2018, Insha Allah.  In addition, we will be running our 11th annual double-weekend 'Journey Through the Quran' Course on the second and third weekends of Ramadan (Sat 26 May- Sun 27 May & Sat 2 June-Sun 3 June 2018).  You can pre-register in advance for only £50 which includes a special HB Arabic-English Qur'an and CD explanation of the whole Qur'an by Amina Elahi (worth £30).


Quran Study Group presents Monthly Quran Seminars on the first Saturday morning of each month:

Dates: Sat 5 August 2017 to Sat 5 May 2017 (see schedule below)

Times: 9am-1pm (registration at 8.45am): Full-day courses delivered in 4 hours

Venue: Birkbeck College, Malet St, London WC1H 7HX

(Nearest stations: Russel Square, Holborn and Euston Square)

Cost: From £10 per seminar: £15 (1 Seminar), £40 (3 Seminars), £60 (5 Seminars), £80 (8  remaining Seminars)

Tutor: Hafiz Abdullah Muhammad LLB (Hons), PGCE, MA *

All Course materials provided, even if you miss any session.

Open to Muslims and non-Muslims, males and females of all backgrounds.  No prior knowledge of Arabic or Islam required.

All welcome- limited places.

For more information:



(1)   Sat 5 Aug (B29)

Greatest Surah & Greatest Ayah in the Qur’an


(2)   Sat 9 September (B29)

Tafsir Surah Maryam


(3)   Sat 7 Oct (153)

Women Personalities in the Qur’an 


(4)   Sat 4 Nov (B18)

Supplications (Du’as) in the Qur’an


(5)    Sat 2 Dec (416)

Description of Believers in the Qur’an



(6)    Sat 6 Jan (153)

Tafsir Surah Kahf


(7)     Sat 3 Feb (B02)

Understanding the Qur’an through the Prophet’s Life (Seerah)


(8)    Sat 3 Mar (152)

Asmaul Husna:  Understanding the Qur’an through the most Beautiful Names of Allah


(9)    Sat 24 Mar (B30)- new revised date

Usul al-Tafsir:  Principles of correct Qur’an Interpretation


(10)      Sat 5 May (152)

Tajweed & Tafsir of Last 10 Surahs


11th annual 'Journey Through the Quran' Course at Birkbeck College

Sat 26 May- Sun 27 May 2018 & Sat 2 June- Sun 3 June 2018 (£60- earlybird £50 inc. full course materials over £30)


* Hafiz Abdullah Muhammad studied in an Islamic School and also memorised the Qur’an by heart. He is a trained RE teacher and lawyer, and studied postgraduate Islamic Studies at SOAS and Al-Azhar University. He is the author of ‘The Best of Times in Islam’ (2002) and pioneered the annual Ramadan Course 'Journey Through the Quran' (JTQ) which he has delivered at Birkbeck College since 2008.