Marriage Matters - Workshop (Birmingham)

”JazakAllahu Khairan so much, a beautiful course to prepare individuals for upcoming situations in marriage. May Allah reward you all for organising this”

“My marriage is on the point of divorce but this seminar seriously helped and encouraged me to give it another chance”

“Overall very practical and informative course”

???? Is your marriage the one you had dreamt of
???? Do you want to unlock the secrets of being a good spouse
???? Do you want to make your love flourish

Open to both singles and married couples, this workshop is not the usual “rights and responsibilities” course, rather it will help you enhance and elevate your marriage to new heights, Allah willing, through practical steps to improve marital behaviour between spouses, delivered by experts who deal with marriage cases on a daily basis

???? The vision of marriage, and how it impacts marital behaviour
???? Navigate your path to success through real-life examples
???? Guidelines within the Islamic framework that are easy to take away and implement
???? Evaluate your expectations, reactions and solutions
???? Activities and group work

???? Saturday 9th Nov 2019
???? 10am - 6pm
???? Birmingham

Early bird offer: £50 (ending Sept 30th 2019)

 Discount available for couples

Limited spaces, book now: