Is Love in Islam as Confusing as it Feels?
You’re getting to know a potential spouse:Is the heart getting too involved?

You’ve been married for a year:Why hasn’t the heart kicked in yet?

It’s been 15 years of marriage:How do we rekindle the passion of old?

The heart is the MOST powerful and the LEAST controllable. So how do you maneuver matters of the heart in a way that is pleasing to you, your family, and above all else - Allah?

From the Most Romantic Person to Ever Live
The Prophet ﷺ said about his wife, Khadijah,“I was filled with love for her.”

Love and even heartbreak are not new issues. Classical Islamic scholars have written volumes on love, passion, romance, and heartbreak - - inside and outside of marriage - all based on the Sunnah of the Prophet ﷺ and his companions.

Here’s what you’ll learn in Love Notes:

The Healthy Marriage Mindset
The Missing Ingredient from Love
Passion vs Love vs Lust
Why Falling in Love is a Strength, Not a Weakness
The Type of Blameworthy Love
How to Overcome Pain & Heartbreak
The Dos & Don’ts of Courtship
The Types of Men/Women the Prophet ﷺ Advised For & Against
26 Characteristics of a Stand-Up Man
13 Characteristics of a Righteous Woman
Case Studies on Relationships
When the Other Doesn’t Love Back
When Love Runs Dry in a Relationship
Conflict Resolution & Divorce
How to Manage the In-Laws Question
Love Among Non-Mahram Family
Fiqh of Brothers/Sisters-in-Law
Finding Love After Disagreement
Cross-Cultural Marriages
10 Etiquettes of Disagreement
17 Tips on Romance from the Sunnah

Taught by Shaykh Yahya Ibrahim