Friday Spiritual Evenings in Ramadan
During this blessed month of Ramadan join our popular Spiritual Friday Evening in Ramadan Programme,
for a unique night packed with a special spiritual dose.  

تذكرة ، تلاوة قرآن ، أذكار ، أدعية وإبتهالات ، صلاة 

Every Friday Evening in Ramadan we will hold a unique spiritual night which includes tafseer & tadabbur, recitation of the Quran, beautiful Ibtihaals (supplications), thikr (remembrance of Allah), tathkira (reminders), and Salah.

All in a beautiful brotherly atmosphere full of love and passion for Allah's pleasure and forgiveness

The programme will include:

1. Reflections on Surat 'Abasa from 7pm
2. Recitations of the Quran
3. Thikr and Ibtihaals
4. Short spiritual reminders
5. Collective Iftaar.
6. Taraweeh Prayer with beautiful recitation.
7. A special youth (aged 7-10) programme (limited places) 

Please join us to make the best out of the blessed month of Ramadan.  

Open for All, Including Families.

Special Youth Programme by Youth Stepping Stones 
-Open to 7-10 year olds!
-Limited spaces! First come first served 

This programme will run weekly on Friday during Ramadan in parallel with Tadabbur Institute’s “Spiritual Friday Evenings”.

Many beneficial lessons about ramadan will be taught in unique, fun, interactive ways! Different aspects will be covered during the programme such as creativity (crafts, storytelling, drama, etc).

The aim of these lessons is to teach the youth: the purpose of ramadan and fasting, personal benefits and gains from ramadan, how we can develop and practice good habits and character. 

This will be at extra cost with a special discount if all 4 sessions are booked. Limited places. Pre-booking is advised, once fully booked not extra places will be available. 

Every Friday evening in the morning of Ramadan, starting 10th May 2019.
At 19:00 till late. 

Bangladeshi Community Centre, Roundhay Road, Leeds LS8 5AN

Support our event with donations and by registering here.

Contribution per Friday per person (for adults and children >2 yrs old) (excluding youth programme) = £5 per Friday per individual

Contrbution per Friday per child (aged 7-10) who are attending youth programme and Spiritual Programme = £10 per Friday per child