Practically every type of trial and tribulation is miraculously covered in the entire chapter of Āle-‘Imrān. This magnificent sūrah is one of the two “lights” described by the Prophet ﷺ as it guides Muslims in their times of darkness.

Learn from the House of ‘Imrān, the stories of Badr and Uhud, unity and solidarity in community, responding to propaganda, resisting Shaytan, and the power of Dua. This chapter is a true cure and recovery guide for all those who are suffering.

Surah Ali Imran is a unique sūrah which gathers the most amount of fitan – tests and trials – in one place, warning us and helping save us from:

- the fitnah of going astray in our ‘aqīdah
- the fitnah of theological deviation, or theoretical or creedal deviance
- the fitnah of wealth
- the fitnah of desires
- the fitnah of greed
- the fitnah of being slandered
- the fitnah of doubt in our scriptures
- the fitnah of establishing power by seeking help from the enemies of Allah
- the fitnah of knowledge
- the fitnah of Shaytān
- the fitnah of being weak-minded
the fitnah of the Saved Sect mentality
- the fitnah of interfaith
- the fitnah of poverty
- the fitnah of pessimism, and much more...

Taught by Shaykh Abu Eesa
22-24 March 2019

Mary Seacole Building
University of Salford
Frederick Road Campus
Salford, M6 5ST

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