Evolution, Science & Islam

Lecture 1:

Title: Islam and Science

Shaykh Usman Ali


Shaykh Usman will deliver a short introductory lecture on scientific activity from Prehistory, Ancient History, the Middle Ages through to the Modern Age with a particular focus on Islamic Science and Renaissance Europe.

It will address the question of whether Muslim scientists were the harbinger of the scientific revolution.

Brief Biography:

Shaykh Usman Ali holds an Alimiyyah degree and has taught at various Islamic institutes. He is also an Associate Lecturer and a PhD candidate at the University of Portsmouth and holds a Chartered Scientist Award. Currently, he works as a Senior Specialist in Haematology with clinical laboratory and research roles.

Lecture 2:

Title: Evolution and Islam: ‘A Ghazzalian Interpretation of Evolution'

Dr Shoaib Malik


Dr Shoaib Malik will deliver a lecture on ‘A Ghazzalian Interpretation of Evolution'. In this talk, Dr Shoaib will be taking imam Ghazzali's theological positions and utilising them to address the question of evolution from a metaphysical perspective.

Brief Biography

Dr Shoaib Malik is formally trained as a chemical engineer and is an assistant professor at Zayed University in Dubai where he teaches the natural sciences. He also has had some alimiyya training and is currently doing an MSc in the philosophy of science and religion. His research is specifically on Islam and Science, New Atheism, and Theology.