With the coming of your twenties … the societal marriage timer starts ticking. Come 25 … and the timer starts getting on your nerves. One prospect after another leads to nothing which can lead to anxiety and frustration. And it’s perfectly normal to experience this. After all, it is the most sacrosanct relationship of your life. You wouldn’t want to rush into it, marrying the wrong person or getting married at the wrong time.


Whilst a happy marriage can bring peace and contentment to your life, marrying someone who isn’t right for you can really damage your emotional state.


However, before you start meeting others and considering them for marriage, there is one major question you need to ask yourself. A critical question. Are you ready for marriage?


If you are really ready, then there’s no issue. But if you are just succumbing to societal pressure, it could lead to big problems. Being ready for marriage entails two broad concepts - How well you are acquainted with your own self and how well you have established your link with your Creator. You don’t have to share these answers with anyone. You just need to have this conversation with yourself to understand where you are at.


So let’s begin …


How well are you acquainted with yourself?

What are the things in life that really matter to you?

What core ideals do you live by?

Have you achieved whatever you wanted to achieve before marriage?

If you were to get married would you have regrets about missed opportunities?

How willing are you to share your daily life with someone else? The exciting days as well as the mundane?

How willing are you to sacrifice time from the things you currently love doing to spend time with your partner?

What are your shortcomings?

Are you content with who you are?

Have you been able to bridge the gap between who you are and what you want to be?


It goes without saying that if you are comfortable and confident about yourself, and about who you are, there are all the more chances of you building a successful marriage. Also, you really need to know who you are first before being able to find the perfect match for yourself. If you do not accept yourself – good, bad and everything in between – you might not be able to fully, and honestly, open yourself up to your partner so that they can see you for who you really are. That’s not the way to progress in such an important relationship in your life. Moreover, you need to be whole before you share your life with somebody else. You need to be content and happy with yourself in order to share that happiness with the other. If you are not there yet, relax. Allow yourself some time. No matter what society says, there is no perfect age to get married. There are people who marry as teenagers and live happy lives and there are people who marry in their forties and achieve the same level of happiness. Age is only a bar which society sets. Ignore it.


How is your relationship with Allah?

The only relationship that is never going to let you down is the one with your Creator. Before you share your life with somebody else, it is essential that you place your heart in the hands of Allah. Once your relationship with Him falls into place, everything else will. And plus, you will have His help in one of the most important decisions of your life - marriage. So, how close are you to Allah? There are no questions that can really assess or measure this. It is a personal matter of the heart. So, ask yourself. And look inside your heart. How close are you to Allah?


Give yourself a true and honest answer. Are you really ready for marriage?


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