Arabic Language Immersion | Umrah, April 2019

Arabic Language Immersion | Umrah, April 2019

Saturday 13 April 2019

Arabic Language Immersion | Umrah, April 2019

Madinah Al Munawarah, Saudi Arabia

Venue or Event Address

Academy of Masjid Al Nabawi

Meeting Point(s) or Leaving from

Birmingham, UK

Arabic language Immersion | Saudi Arabia, April 2019.

Alhamdulillah, we are taking a group of students to study Arabic in Madinah, Saudi Arabia during April holidays for 17 days.

13th April - 30th April 2019

This trip is open to male & female students and will be run by Excel Arabic in partnership with The General Presidency of the Holy Mosque & The Prophet's Mosque.

Join us this coming April, 2019 for 16 days on an epic journey in learning the Arabic language at the Academy of Masjid Al Nabawi, taught by lecturers from the Islamic University of Madinah.

Study the Arabic language, immerse into the Arabic culture and take advantage of the many benefits Madinah & Makkah have to offer, including visits to various historical sites, museums and exhibitions, meetings with Imaams of both the Haram, and more....

Excel Arabic have been granted exclusive access to holding Arabic classes at the Academy, and the programme will be held jointly between Excel Arabic & The General Presidency of The Grand Mosque and The Prophet's Mosque.

Trip Details:

- Return flights with Lufthansa - Departing from London Heathrow (confirmed)

- Visa acquisition
- Internal transport
- Visiting Madinah first
- 40+ hrs of Arabic lessons
- 16 hrs of Tajweed
- Madinah accommodation - 12nts B&B
- Makkah accommodation - 4nts B&B
- Madinah lunch - 10 days
- Ziyaarah in both Holy cities
- Visit to Dar Al Madinah Museum
- Visit to the Ka'bah cloth (Kiswah) factory & Makkah Museum
- Exclusive visit with Shaykh Uthman Taha, official calligrapher of the Madinah Mushaf (TBC)
- Exclusive meeting with Shaykh Hasan Bukhari, Imaam & lecturer at Masjid Al Haram, Makkah (confirmed)
- Exclusive meeting with other Imaams of both Harams (TBC)

ONLY £1,675 - Immersion student
ONLY £1,500 - Umrah Pilgrim not on immersion programme

Flexible payment plan available (T&C apply)


0781 738 4740

To make your application, please fill in the online form at the below link…/